360iDev: Day 2 in Review

Written by: on September 11, 2013

Highlights from our 2nd day at 360 iDev Developer's Conference

After a big day one, day two of 360iDev was full of announcements, excitement, and familiar faces.

The Panel

“Tools for Your Trade” started as a technical tools discussion but then quickly devolved into more of a life-hack talk about water bottles and power naps. As our own Brad Dillon remarked:

Brad Dillon Tweet

This was definitely a unique way to start off the day!

The Sessions

Achieving Zen With Auto Layout:

Justin Williams‘ talk on Auto Layout was certainly one of the day’s most popular events, with aisles and even standing room completely packed with attendees. Clearly, we all needed a little bit more zen.

“How many of you tried using Auto Layout and got really pissed off and went back to using springs and struts? *pause, hands raise* Alright. My people.” -Justin

If you missed Justin’s talk, you can look at his slides here or you can get hired at Double Encore and watch him give it again at our office next week (pop concert and autographs not included).

Engaging the Enterprise with Push Notifications:

Joe’s presentation highlighted some of the unique capabilities of push notifications and some of the technology going on “behind the curtain.” Push IO typically handles very large accounts, but has recently branched out to smaller developers and created a few fun quirky projects.

For example, Joe demo-ed his “push piano,” which is a fun feature of the 2013 Push IO Party app. It basically allows someone with access to the piano to push live music to all the phones with the app installed and notifications activated. Within seconds, our room was a sea of echoing iPhones.

Push Piano

We’ve worked with Push IO on many of our high profile apps and love the work they are doing in both the enterprise and indie market. Keep an eye on this company as push notifications continue to explode as a technology.

Apple Event:

Apple didn’t live stream the event this year, but hundreds of eager developers gathered to watch the live blog coverage on big screens. You can now see a recording of the event here.

Denver Cocoaheads

We proudly support and host Denver Cocoaheads meetups at our office each month, but this month we brought the pizza down to Lone Tree to share with the 360 attendees. Cocoaheads organizer, Saul Mora, debated passionately with 360 speaker, Ash Furrow, while the rest of us provided heckling and questions for the duel.

If you’re in Colorado, please join us next month for the Cocoaheads meeting at our office on October 8th! There will be more pizza and epic shenanigans.

What did you think of Day 2? Any favorite sessions or events from the conference? Let us know in the comments!

Emily Grossman

Emily Grossman

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