App Store Optimization (ASO) & Organic Marketing

ASO & Organic Marketing at POSSIBLE Mobile

With over 5 million mobile apps currently active in various marketplaces, competition for app discovery is fierce. To notch up the challenge even further, once an app is downloaded by a user, over 70% will either be uninstalled within the first few days or never used again. With that in mind, ASO, or “App Store Optimization,” should be just one facet of your mobile app acquisition and engagement strategy. It is more important than ever to take a holistic approach with a trusted partner who is agile enough to keep pace with an ever-changing landscape.

Our initial focus in marketing your app is to optimize all components of an app store listing as well as data mechanics within the app itself. The goal is to facilitate maximum discoverability, conversion and continued app engagement. Our channel strategies address ongoing engagement through notifications, email, mobile web and social interaction to position your app in ways that are useful and unobtrusive to users. We do it all through a collaborative process that involves our in-house creative, tech, strategy, and analytics leaders during each phase. ASO and app marketing are vital throughout our project delivery lifecycle. Our typical tasks include:


  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Identify app store category targets
  • Feature prioritization
  • URL optimization (Android)


  • Identify keyword opportunities
  • Develop in-app structured data schema
  • Enable universal linking
  • File size optimization
  • Rating prompt strategy


  • Visual listing: iconography, preview images, videos
  • Optimized descriptions with preview annotations
  • Push and in-app messaging strategy
  • GTM channel strategy


  • User review evaluation and response strategy
  • Conversion funnel modeling
  • App store listing test & learn
  • App retention test & learn


There has never been a faster technology cycle than mobile. iOS and Android are updated annually. The information Apple and Google provide to developers and designers telegraph their upcoming releases. POSSIBLE Mobile continuously follows these cycles providing strategies for our customers so they are ready to take advantage of these new technologies when they are released to the public, not months later. Adoption of the latest technology also allows our clients to take advantage of new features, in addition to garnering consideration by the major app stores for marketing opportunities. Apps that fail to follow these cycles reflect poorly on a brand and cost more to update in the long run.

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